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We enjoy Western Partner dancing at our local club at Westcott, Bucks (HP18 0OD) and also at Cheyenne's festivals at the Grand Burstin in Folkestone. Browse around and find out more about us, even better come and join us we would love to see you at Westcott having fun like us.
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DAnce Floor Ettiquette

Dance Floor Etiquette

  • If you are lucky enough to be listening to a live band never forget to turn to them and applaud them before or as you leave the floor. If they are good enough for you to dance to then please acknowledge it with a little applause.

  • Dont eat or drink on the dance floor.

  • If you recognise a dance and want to join in – Please join from the back of the line not in the middle, unless invited.

  • Dont stand talking on the dance floor it’s great to see old friends and new ones but please leave the dance floor first.

  • Dont hog the floor. Be a considerate dancer to those around you.

  • If you want to do a different dance to others give your self plenty of clear space, you never know others may join you.

  • If the floor is crowded, take small steps.

  • If you collide with somebody, apologise even if it isn't really your fault.

  • In many venues line dancing is done at the same time and on the same floor as partner dancing. Remember, partner dances have the outside of the floor, line dancers have the middle. In this situation, at the start of the dance line up facing one of the long edges of the floor. Also remember that dancers round the outside have 'right of way'.

  • Don't try to teach someone the steps while a dance is in progress. Find somewhere quiet, out of the way, or wait until another time.

  • Don't walk across the dance area while a dance is in progress. Walk round or wait.

  • You will develop your own 'style' if you line dance long enough. But don't go crazy. People are there to enjoy themselves, which they won't if your 'style' involves acting like a demented windmill.

  • Remember to Smile, and enjoy yourself!


This is our floor plan, yours may well be different but this is an example with Progressive Freestyle aound the outside with Partner dancers inside them, Then we have line and Social and static Freestyle and./or Slot dances.

Dance Floor Plan