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Here you will find some more information about Western Partner dancing in the Bicester area. You can also download dance scripts that we taught in the past when we had a class here and find out whats on at Westcott, our local live music venue. When your ready to join us come along we would love to see you at Westcott having fun like us.
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JB Weekly class

Our class has now closed, see you on the dance floor. JB

Our script archive page has a searchable list of all the dances we have taught and we intend to leave the site up for the forseeable future for reference.).

Important note: Class will be closed from December 2017 and on Wednesday 6th December there is no class.

Partner dances taught 2017

As qualified instructors Julie & Brian (JB) enjoy teaching Partner dancing to our regular weekly class. This is not a course but instruction continues throughout the year, so the good news is you can join in any-time.

All level of dancers are very welcome from absolute beginner to the more advanced. We plan our dancing to suit all levels so hopefully provide something for everyone. Our aim is to get you dancing with confidence as soon as possible and then develop your skills to to the more advanced dances.

In our script archive we store a copy of all the dances we have taught. This is a resource for our class but of course is available to all.

We have choreographed some dances ourselves and on 'our dances' page you will find them listed with steps sheets and links to videos where available.