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We enjoy Western Partner dancing at our local club at Westcott, Bucks (HP18 0OD) and also at Cheyenne's festivals at the Grand Burstin in Folkestone. Browse around and find out more about us, even better come and join us we would love to see you at Westcott having fun like us.
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Western Dancing

What is Western Dancing?

Western Dancing does not just consist of Line Dancing (which most people associate with western dancing), but also Partner and Couples. The same good Country music but danced with a partner.

LINE DANCING, speaks for itself, dancers dance in lines. The dance normally consists of a particular dance step pattern, performed in the centre area of the floor. More than one dance can be performed on the dance floor at the same time but should only be done if the room/floor permits.

PARTNER DANCING is a set pattern of steps that can be danced progressively around the dance floor, in an anti-clockwise direction.

PROGRESSIVE COUPLES DANCING is freestyle, i.e. lead and follow, dances such as Two Step, Polka and Waltz. Usually danced outside the Partner Dancers in an anti-clockwise direction.

COUPLES DANCING includes East Coast Swing and SLOT DANCES like West Coast Swing that are performed in small 'slots' on the dance floor, either end of the Line dancers, but inside the Partner dancers. On a dance floor you could find Line dancers in the middle of the floor, some dancers may be doing East Coast and West Coast Swing at the front (or rear in some places), Partner Dancers going around the outside and Couples Dancers moving around them. Commonly you could find dancers doing one or more line dances, with one or two Partner or Couples Dancers going around the outside. This calls for dance floor etiquette to be observed for everyone's enjoyment.