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Here you will find some more information about Western Partner dancing in the Bicester area. You can also download dance scripts that we taught in the past when we had a class here and find out whats on at Westcott, our local live music venue. When your ready to join us come along we would love to see you at Westcott having fun like us.
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Country Western Dance Club - HP18 0PD

  • January 19 - Lance Merlin
  • February 16 - Daniel Berry
  • March 16 - Roots and Wings
  • April 20 - Chris James
  • May 18 - Colt Murphy CHANGED now CHRIS HARRIS
  • June 15 - Darren Jones
  • July 20 - Peter Shaw
  • August 17 - Rick Storm
  • September 21 - Johnny Holland
  • October 19 - Lainey West
  • November 16 - Chris Harris
  • December 21 - Amy Morgan
Download the 2018 programme as a full colour PDF here...
Download the 2018 programme 2 x a5 on a sheet...

Please feel free to print out and pass on, the more the merrier!

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